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December 12, 2013
by Kenneth R Smith
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Where to Gamble Online in Delaware, or At Least Try!

Online casinos have been live in Delaware for over a month now, but the debut has been largely overshadowed by the launch of online gambling in the neighboring state of New Jersey.

So, just what is available for residents of the Diamond State?  Well, three of the state’s existing casinos have been licensed to offer online games.

Delaware's Three Online Casinos

Here are links to each of the sites for online gambling, where you can download the software and register an account:

Of course, you need to be physically present in Delaware, a fact that will be confirmed through a process of text messaging to your cell phone.

Note that if you want to play at more than one of the sites, you will need to create a new account for each. You cannot reuse the same username at more than one site however.

I’m checking out the available games now, and hope to have a full in-depth review to post here soon. Stay tuned!
I’m back with an update, and so far it isn’t pretty…

After 3 declined deposit attempts (1 ACH, 1 Chase Visa, 1 Chase MasterCard), I was able to successfully make a deposit at Delaware Park’s site with a CitiBank MasterCard.

However, I still get an error any time I try to enter a Real-Money game:
Game Unavailable
An email to customer support got an automated response that they would handle my inquiry within 48 hours, so I called the phone number on the site. It tells me that the person at that extension is on the phone and to please leave a message. The call is then dropped before I can record my message!

This isn’t a very promising start.

November 25, 2013
by Kenneth R Smith

Nevada and Delaware Consider Pooling Players for Online Poker

“Liquidity” is a hot topic these days in the nascent US online poker business.  When Nevada launched online poker at the end of April, there were wide predictions that there might be too few players in a Nevada-only market to sustain the games.  Not surprisingly, now that other states have begun to launch their own games, Nevada is interested in making arrangements to share players across state lines to bolster their player pool.

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June 28, 2012
by Kenneth R Smith

Delaware Legalizes Online Gambling

Two States Done, Forty-Eight to Go

The swell of online gambling legislation in the US reached a new milestone today as Delaware governor Jack Markell signed a bill legalizing online casino-style gambling within the state. Delaware and Nevada are the only states so far to pass legislation to license and regulate Internet casinos, although other states are at various stages of progress pursuing the same goal.  Now the race is on to see which state will be first to actually launch real-money games and take the first legal and regulated online bet in the States.
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